What If ?
What if something strange is happening at your home or business and you want some answers on what it could be. We have listed some of the symptoms of a haunting and the possible natural cause. The answers will be given in two possibilities both logical and paranormal. It is best to look for normal explanations before assuming a haunting.
What if I'm bringing an object or furniture into my home that I bought at a antique store or garage sale. Should I bless or cleanse it first in case something paranormal is attached to it?
The best thing to do is absolutely nothing. If something is dormant inside it is best not to do anything that might stir things up and awaken the spirit. The only time a blessing or cleansing would be appropriate would be if after the object is in the home and it is known for sure that the object is the cause of the phenomenon. Logically, it wouldn't be wise to bring a known negatively effected object into your home.
What if the lights or electronic keep turning themselves on or off?
Logical- You may have an electrical problem in your home. If the object runs off a remote control then it could be on the same frequency as another object in the home or even a neighbors home.

Paranormal- Spirits use energy to manipulate themselves and they may be drawing off the electricity to do this.
What if I hear footsteps?
Logical- You may have thought you were home alone but someone is in the home walking around. This could also include large pets walking around.

Paranormal- A Spirit is walking around just like it did when it was alive. This could also just be residual energy from the Spirit, which means that it's really not a Spirit there just left over energy.
What if I hear indiscernible voices or whispering, especially at night?
Logical- Is it possible a window is open and you are hearing noises from outside or from the neighbors. Are you running a fan or aquarium nearby? They tend to put off sound that can be distorted to sound like words. This is a classic case of audio pareidolia which is when a vague or random image or sound is perceived as recognizable.

Paranormal- A Spirit is trying to get your attention.
What if I'm looking for a paranormal investigation team to come and verify if I have a truly haunted location. How do I find the right group for me.?
There are several things to consider, so here is a list of ideas. Some of these may be answered by going to the groups website, if your still unclear you may contact them through e-mail. Some of these ideas you may have to answer for yourself.

1. Most important is finding an experienced group. There are new groups starting every week and their only knowledge on how to conduct an investigation is what they may have seen on TV. Please check them out thoroughly and don't be afraid to ask for a reference.

2. Does the group in question list their investigations? If so, do they post any of their findings such as evidence or research info. Also is most of their investigations solely done at cemeteries and ghost tours? This may be a clear sign of a new group and give you an idea of their experience.

3. Is their site a true website or a My Space? My Space is a free service while a real website is not and tends to portray a more dedicated group.

4. What is a certified paranormal investigator (CFI)? It's when a person passes a written test given by a group. This test is about the basics of ghost hunting specific to that groups protocols, guidelines and perspective.

5. Does the group charge for their services? Due to the fact that paranormal investigations are not considered a true science, it would not seem right to charge money. The goal is to help people and gather evidence and by doing so it can be quite expensive, so most groups pay for everything themselves. So if a donation is given to the group, it truly is appreciated.

6. Is the group in question been on TV or are they an affiliate group of a TV show? This does not mean you will be on TV.

7. Make sure you look and listen to their evidence they have collected. Do they show only dust orb photos and can you clearly make out their recorded EVP's? The evidence collected can also tell a lot about a group.
What if items disappear only to have them reappear later in an area which you had already searched?
Logical- If there are other people living in the house it's always possible they moved the object. Sometimes if children are asked they will deny touching the object since the person asking is already upset and they don't want to be in trouble. Also in the stress of daily life you may have moved the object yourself but don't remember.

Paranormal- This is a classic form of paranormal activity. It is to get your attention and possibly to test you on how easily you scare.
What if my pet starts acting strange
Logical- It's possible that your pet sees a bug or is listening to sounds coming from outside that you don't hear.

Paranormal- It is common knowledge held by most paranormal investigators that animals seem to have a certain sense that most of us don't have. They can see and hear Spirits. Pets are normally the first to react when Spirits are present.
What if I sometimes feel as though I'm being watched?
Logical- Many factors can be the fault of this feeling which include being sleepy, especially at night when all is quiet and the senses are more alert. Also just plain fear mostly felt after watching a scary movie or being home alone would cause a fear-inducing atmosphere. High electro magnetic fields (EMF) will also produce this feeling among other strange symptoms.

Paranormal- This feeling is probably the most common phenomenon that people experience in a haunted location. Use your instincts to decipher whether it's truly paranormal or just your mind playing tricks on you.
What if I occasionally see movement or even shadows out of the corner of my eye?
I think everyone has had this experience at one point in their life. But our ancestors truly relied on this hidden sense. Since the ability to detect motion is primarily in our peripheral vision they were naturally trained to use this while hunting.

In a more paranormal description it is also called "psychic vision". Peripheral vision is very responsive to movement, but very poor at discerning shapes. Sometimes you do not see something so much as you are "aware" of it.
What if my photographs I take in my home often appear with unexplainable white mists or orbs appearing in them?
This is the most controversial theory in the paranormal community. It seems most groups are leaning toward the idea that orbs are caused by natural conditions. The most common ones being dust, moisture, tobacco smoke, pollen, rain and camera settings or malfunctions. It is possible that in some conditions the orb in question could be paranormal or just another form of energy we have yet to discover. Another theory is that orbs are the first stage of manifestation. In this theory first many orbs gather together to form a mist and from the mist an apparition is created.