Peace River Ghost Tracker Investigations. PRGT has done many different types of ghost investigations and we would like to share all of our findings. But not all are listed on this page due to privacy reasons. We will keep the name or location of an investigation private upon owners request.
Peace River Ghost Tracker has worked very hard in our many years of investigating and we are proud of all we have accomplished. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication with researching history, researching individual cases and tedious evidence review. We have always shared our reports with the public in hopes someone may learn something from them. If anyone wants to use anything from our site, please ask for permission and we ask that you give credit for our hard work.
Broadway Palm Dinner Theater-Fort Myers 7/19/11 COMING SOON
The Pines apartment- Punta Gorda 5/30/11 COMING SOON
Snap Lites Wig Shop- Fort Myers 5/29/11 COMING SOON
El Salvador- Gulf Cove- confidential not for public viewing 3/11/11
Martin Building- Louisiana 2/11/11
Hotel Monteleone- Louisiana 2/9/11-2/13/11
The Myrtles Plantation -Louisiana 2/8/11
Concordia street-Deep Creek-confidential not for public viewing 1/31/11
Sugar Mill -St. Augustine 12/10/10 12/11/10
Lehigh Acres Home-confidential not for public viewing 10/02/10
Broadway Palm Dinner Theater-Fort Myers-preliminary 9/04/10 COMING SOON
Port Charlotte Home-confidential not for public viewing 8/17/10
Fort Ogden Home-confidential not for public viewing 8/01/10
Opera House-Tag a Long-Arcadia 6/18/10 6/19/10 NEWEST POST
Arcadia Ranch Home-confidential not for public viewing 6/08/10
Apopka Home 10/4/09 3/6/10 NEWEST POST
Longwood Village Inn 3/06/10 NEWEST POST
North Port Home-confidential not for public viewing 3/10
North Port Home-confidential not for public viewing 1/26/10
Historic Home-Punta Gorda 2/24/10 x3
Port Charlotte home-confidential not for public viewing 12/01/09
Desoto Restaurant/Plaza Hotel Tag a Long- Arcadia 11/21/09
Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine 10/04/09
St. Cloud Home-Florida 8/15/09
Plaza Hotel and Desoto Restaurant 6/27/09
Arcadia Tag a Long including The Opera House-Arcadia 5/23/09
Cultural Center Theater Tag a Longs-Port Charlotte Florida 3/05&06/09
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum-St. Augustine 11/22/08
Bailey House/Lamb House- Arcadia 7/08
Arcadia Opera House 7/12/08
Plant City private residence 6/14/08
The Library Club- Sapphire Valley,  North Carolina 5/28/08
Gano House 4/26/08
Kern House 4/25/08
Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine 2/17/08
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum-St. Augustine 2/17/08
Punta Gorda House 12/08/07
Annie Russell Theater and Knowles Memorial Church 11/11/07
Sorrel-Weed house and Carriage house-Savannah Georgia 10/27/07
Bisous hair salon and spa-Punta Gorda Florida 10/06/07
Old St. Augustine Jail 9/23/07
Arcadia Opera house/museum and antique mall 8/18/07
The Reid House private residence in Ft Meade 6/16/07
Private Residence 5/16/07
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum-St. Augustine 4/14/07
Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine 2/23/07
Plant City private residence 12/09/06
Englewood Private Location 11/25/06
Townsend Home Historic Clermont-Florida 8/12/06
Annie Russell Theater-Rollins College-Florida 8/11/06
Sanford Home-Florida 8/1/06
Cultural Center Theater-Port Charlotte Florida 6/9/06
Brookdale Lodge and restaurant-California 11/22/05
Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine 11/13/05
Old St. Augustine Jail 11/11/05
Tavern on the bay-St. Augustine 11/10/05
Cultural Center Theater-Port Charlotte Florida 10/18/05
Private residence in Ft. Myers 10/15/05
Pullman train "Esperanza" -Lee County Historical Society 9/24/05
Cedar Key Inn Hotel-Florida 8/20/05
Spanish Military Hospital-St. Augustine 6/18/05
Le Petite Theater-New Orleans 4/19/04
The Myrtles -Louisiana 4/15/04
RL Cemetery 6/14/03
Fat Boys-Port Charlotte Florida 5/13/03
Cassadaga workshop with Ghost Tracker-Florida 4/12/03
Cabbage Patch Cemetery 11/01/02
Bachelors Grove Cemetery-Illinois 9/02
Possession Case confidential